Dine out this weekend in Bacolod at Rockwell Power Plant Mall to discover at Negrense food fest year 2


EXCLUSIVE: Makati, Philippines — Dine out this weekend in Bacolod at Rockwell Power Plant Mall to discover at Negrense food fest year 2.

Friday night at Rockwell, with the air balmy and calm (not clammy) the Namit Namit Food Festival was teeming with diners and steaming with warming food.

“It’s a Negrense festival. Namit means delicious, and we Ilonggos say namit namit to emphasise the level of delicious,” says Rudy Villar, co-organizer of the food fest.

Namit Namit at Rockwell is until Sunday, 12 November dinner and dessert time. Launched in partnership with Rockwell Bacolod, Rockwell Power Plant and the La Salle College of Bacolod Alumni Association, last year’s even was a massive success—thus meriting year 2! From 10 concessionaires to 13 this year, and with acknowledgement from Makati Poblacion LGU, not to mention Bacolod-born and bred celebrities and artists, Namit Namit is paving the way for southern cuisine and culture to reach NCR. Served, of course, with the best of Negros postre (dessert!).

“Negros has always been known for its cuisine, and this festival brings all the goodness to Metro Manila. We have more than piaya!,” adds Lloyd Tronco, co-organiser.

What to expect from Namit Namit? Food full of flavour at a very nice price. Not gonna lie.

Says Jocelyn Gonzales Ruiz, “Food is the language of love for Negrenses. That’s our philosophy. We’re a hospitable people, taking care of each other. All this is expressed in the food.”

Multi-awarded film and theatre artist Joel Torre simply says, “Muy rico! (very rich). Negrenses take our food seriously. We have a balance of all flavours. Bacolod has produced great chefs, renowned for their creations. Inasal is endemic to Bacolod that started around the 1940s-50s—but look where it is now. It’s served all over the country.”

The festival is a happy place. Families eating together, toddlers toddling happily about. Pets of all types and sizes enough to shoo off bad vibes. Take a journey through the culture of southern Philippines. Bzzt.. Trivia: Did you know that El Ideal (pronounced id-yal) opened its first store in 1920! Amazing.

Talk to the people behind the counter, chances are they’re from the family entrepreneurs behind the heritage brand. You’ll discover so much about Bacolod, Negros and its people. That all comes with the food.

Adds Torre, “Bacolod shares culture and cuisine with Iloilo, and I am very happy that the UNESCO has named the city a Gastronomic Heritage Site.”

Definitely, Namit Namit will pack everyone with super satisfied tummies! Time well spent.

—Namit Namit is happening on November 11-12, at Rockwell Makati, Hidalgo entrance (near Zara) — from brunch to dinner!

For more information, please visit Rockwell Center Bacolod.

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