Building the Rockwell community: Bacolod City’s next lifestyle district

Makati’s Rockwell community has long been a model for upscale urban living in Metro Manila. With its residential towers, high-end Power Plant Mall, and offices conveniently located in the same neighborhood, Rockwell is well-known for providing a secure area for families and young professionals alike. The Rockwell community is ideal for locals and expats who want to enjoy premium living in safe, exclusive spaces.

With over two decades of experience crafting stylish and convenient hubs in key locations in Luzon and Visayas, Rockwell is bringing its signature touch to the heritage-rich City of Smiles.

Discerning residents of Bacolod, known for their colorful MassKara festival and affinity for the finer things in life, have something new to smile about with the new development projects from Rockwell Land.

Rockwell-2-1 Find dining options at the Glasshouse at Rockwell Center Bacolod

Rockwell Center Bacolod,  located along Circumferential Road, is a 30-hectare mixed use development made   for elevated living and leisure experiences. Set to be the city’s next lifestyle district, the area will have  thoughtfully-designed and walkable areas, 16-30 meter wide roads, a Power Plant Mall, a school, office towers, residential communities, linear parks, and wide open spaces. Its commercial lots, part of its first phase, recently broke ground, signaling the beginnings of this community coming to life.


Rockwell-3 Members of the Rockwell community have enjoyed the different lifestyle activities in Bacolod City

Adding to the community, Nara Residences, along GM Cordova Avenue only minutes away from Rockwell Center Bacolod, is also strategically located near key establishments including the new Bacolod-Silay International Airport, Bacolod Queen of Mercy Hospital, Mandalagan Golf Course, St. Scholastica’s Academy, and University of St. La Salle Bacolod. It is set to be the area’s first high-end residential condominium development in the city, with premium and exclusive towers providing an elevated way of living.

Rockwell-4 A Treat For Mom, Rockwell’s Mothers’ Day fair at the Nara Sales Pavilion

After topping off One Nara last year, the first residential tower is currently close to completion with the turnover set for 2024.

Retail pavilions at Nara will open soon in the coming months, and will offer a selection of dining options. Meanwhile The Sales Pavilion has been offering a glimpse of the happenings residents can look forward to housing Nara’s 2-Bedroom Model Unit as well as curated lifestyle pop-ups.

Rockwell-8 Chef Gab Melocoton for the Big Burger Weekend

Fairs like the Summer Sinadya to kick off the summer season and A Treat for Mom in celebration of Mother’s Day featured a mix of refreshing local treats, learning workshops, and live music. There was also the Big Burger Weekend with Chef Gab Melocoton, which let guests feast on locally-made gourmet burgers.


Rockwell-7 Sports car enthusiast enjoyed Mini Cooper’s fun drive at Nara Residences

Luxury scooter brand Vespa and British automotive brand Mini Cooper have also partnered with Nara Residences, for a display of their iconic vehicles. Bacolodnons even got to experience the style and innovation brought by the Mini Cooper, with the test drives they offered. The luxury brands both reflect the signature Rockwell lifestyle in the historic city of Bacolod.

These recent events offer just a glimpse of premium living that modern Bacolodnons can soon enjoy as part of the Rockwell community in the city. With these rapid developments even in the early stages of the project, residents will definitely have even more reasons to smile in the near future.

For more information about Rockwell’s community in Bacolod City, visit nararesidencesbyrockwell.com and rockwellcenterbacolod.com.

Article taken from: https://propertyreport.ph/news-and-events/2023/06/02/30109/building-the-rockwell-community-bacolod-citys-next-lifestyle-district/

A Handy Guide to the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate

With the overwhelming variety of commercial real estate available, it’s easy to be puzzled about what constitutes as commercial real estate. Knowing the variety and their differences is particularly important to those looking to invest and diversify their financial portfolio. From its core definition to its variety, here is a handy guide to the different types of commercial real estate available in the Philippines.

Commercial real estate is any space or property that is developed for the purpose of earning revenue. This broad definition includes a range from a small office to a multi-family condominium all the way to hectares of industrial plants.

While all of the prior mentioned are properties that are built to generate revenue, the different types of commercial real estate can vary in profit margins, initial investments, as well as in the specific set of expertise necessary in managing such investments. This guide can help you determine which commercial real estate investment is best suited to fit your ideal lifestyle.

Office Spaces

This type of commercial real estate includes properties built for multinational companies, and small to medium enterprises to operate from. Although it poses more risk than investing in residential real estate, investors are often drawn to this type of investment for its potential to yield more profit. Office spaces are also classified in different tiers that can indicate the property’s market value. The classification can also inform investors about the initial investment required. Office spaces are categorized as either Class A, B or C, with A ranking as a top tier, well-maintained facility in a prime location; B as a close second with a need for slight repairs; and C as poorly maintained office spaces that have been around for at least 20 years. While class A office spaces can be highly sought after, it also requires a larger initial investment. Class C spaces on the other hand may not initially be appealing, but can potentially be refurbished or “flipped” to turn a better profit.

Retail Spaces

This type of commercial real estate property includes establishments that house retailers and food establishments. Retail spaces can be as small as a strip of a few boutiques, or as large as malls anchored on specific multinational retail brands such as well-known department stores, or big-box grocery stores. There’s higher risk involved when investing in retail commercial real estate due to its sensitivity to economic shifts. When an economy booms, the retail industry in turn flourishes. However, the opposite can be said during an economic downturn. Like the nature of most investments, though, the higher risk has the potential to gain higher return when most especially paired with the right expertise.

Multi-family Properties

Unlike the free standing nature of residential real estate, a multi-family commercial real estate property is typically a group of adjacent residences owned by a single entity. Multi-family properties can come in the form of townhouse compounds, apartment buildings and high rise condominiums. For someone looking to expand their real estate portfolio, acquiring a multi-family property would be more efficient than having to go through several transactions of free standing residential real estate investments. A higher percentage to profit is also more feasible when managing multi-family properties. With this structure, an investor’s revenue isn’t solely reliant on a single tenant's occupancy. Should a vacancy arise, the overall revenue from the other tenants can still balance out the cost of the current vacancy.


Industrial real estate are developments that house various different types of industrial operation. Manufacturing plants, bulk warehouses, research and development facilities, data centers are all examples of industrial real estate.

With the growth of any economy, the demand for industrial real estate follows suit. While this undertaking requires a larger initial capital investment, the potential to reap higher revenues is imminent. Managing this type of commercial real estate investment undoubtedly requires a highly specific set of expertise to ensure that the facilities are maintained to industry standards.


Commercial real estate is a broad umbrella term that also covers other highly specific types of properties such as hotels, special purpose properties like hospitals, amusement parks and smaller scale storage facilities. Similar to industrial real estate properties, these large scale ventures require a highly specific set of knowledge and expertise for their development and maintenance. Micro-services for the upkeep of these facilities can be offered for both the convenience of their tenants, as well as the additional revenue flow for the investor.

All the various types of commercial real estate can be found around the Philippines. In Western Visayas alone, its fast growing economy is seeing the rise of numerous commercial real estate developments. 

Designed with a signature sophistication, Rockwell Center Bacolod is set to create a sustainable community, expertly designed to flourish. It has 21 commercial lots ranging from 1500 to 2000 sqm, with 7-meter linear parks in between for investors to create and build impeccably developed spaces. .

For more information on this development, please visit our website.

4 Types of Real Estate Investments

There are various types of real estate investments that you can look into to diversify your financial portfolio. Each one has its own advantages suited to a particular lifestyle. While some types of real estate investments are more passive, or involve a smaller capital investment, others will need a more hands on approach, as well as a larger initial investment. Here’s a list of the 4 types of real estate investments that you can find in the Philippines.

  1. Raw Land

The Philippines, along with the rest of the world has been buying and selling raw land for thousands of years. This type of real estate investment is the acquisition of any available piece of land that can be resold or developed for a specific purpose. This appeals to investors for the historical rise of land’s market value and its comparably lower capital investment.

There are several ways to maximize this type of investment. The buy and sell approach is relatively common as investors also need to consider or wait for the optimal resell value of the property. 

Another approach is the acquisition of land for further development. Apart from an increased capital investment, this endeavor will also require knowledge of real estate information such as building codes, regulations, and permits. 

When it comes to raw land, there are numerous possibilities. With extensive research, planning, and effort into its development, your investment can achieve maximum returns.

  1. Commercial Real Estate

This type of real estate investment is often used as an umbrella term that involves the acquisition of non-residential properties like hotels, office spaces and retail establishments for the purpose of gaining profit. Businesses and investors alike are often drawn to this type of real estate for its potential to generate a higher return of investment. This active type of investment maximizes its revenue potential by leasing out their property for over a longer period of time to other businesses. This results in a lower percentage of vacancies, and a more consistent revenue stream.

As this undertaking will be open to the public, these types of investments are often managed with a group of experts in the field. Commercial real estate investment will also require a larger capital investment, relative to the property’s current state. They’ll also need to factor in the cost for the maintenance and upkeep of the property. While investors stand to generate a higher cashflow with this type of investment, managing the concerns and leases of numerous tenants is also something an investor will want to consider before going into this venture.

  1. Industrial Real Estate

While some consider this as a subcategory of commercial real estate investment, the specifications it requires merits its own spot on the list. Industrial real estate is property developed with the intention of being able to house the manufacturing, producing, or storage of specific goods. Some types of industrial real estate include warehouses, facilities that process raw material, research and development centers, and many other manufacturing facilities.

The growing demand for industrial real estate is what draws investors in. From their longer lease contracts to offering micro services for tenants, this type of real estate investment has a higher earning potential. 

Although higher profits are favorable, the investor will need to consider the highly specific repairs and remodel of such facilities. Unlike smaller real estate ventures, the holdover period can take much longer for industrial real estate properties. 

  1. Residential

This is arguably the most well-known type of real estate investment. Residential real estate investment involves the procurement of residential property, whether it be a small condo or a large dream house with the purpose of utilizing the investment for profit.

Residential real estate investments is another active form of real estate that can generate profit in various ways. It can be as simple as buying and selling properties for profit or as tedious as renting out sections of a property to multiple tenants for short periods of time. Investors also have the freedom to explore a combination of these various revenue streams by renting out their property with the long term plan of selling the property for a profit.

In truth, no one particular real estate investment reigns supreme. There are only investments that are better suited for your lifestyle and financial goals. Bacolod, with its growing real estate market, is a prime choice for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

In the heart of the city of smiles is Rockwell Center Bacolod, a self-sustaining community with sustainable parks, residential properties, and commercial establishments built with signature sophistication and security. Its 1500 to 2000 sqm commercial lots with 7-meter linear parks makes each lot a premium and viable investment for investors looking to ride the wave of a quickly developing area. The newly launched Bel-Air Residential Lots also serve to provide a premium horizontal community with well-designed central amenities and close proximity to retail establishments and Power Plant Mall.

For more information, please visit our website.

Rockwell Center Bacolod’s Bel-Air: Blueprint of Negrenses’ refined taste, Rockwell’s signature lifestyle

It has been an excellent fit even from the start.

With their shared affinity for the finer things, the culture-rich, progressive City of Bacolod has naturally found a common ground with Rockwell Land, which has sought to bring its signature lifestyle closer to the Negrenses.

It was thus unsurprising that Rockwell’s initial foray in the City of Smiles already made a mark this early. After all, the 11-ha Nara Residences presents a lifestyle that integrates the Negrenses’ refined tastes and Bacolod’s rich cultural heritage in a modern, sophisticated setting made more premium by the distinct Rockwell flair for affluence.

Besides offering lots and condominiums to a discerning market, this up and coming community along GM Cordova Avenue also places a premium on the quality of life as it provides wide, landscaped open spaces, fresh air, and modern indulgences to ensure the comfort and convenience of future residents.

New opportunities

Following that warm, successful reception of Nara Residences, Rockwell has opened up new opportunities for the Negrenses to experience that much sought lifestyle through Rockwell Center Bacolod—a community that will bring a level of elegance, style and convenience that Bacolodnons deserve.

Almost twice the size of Rockwell’s flagship development in Makati City, Rockwell Center Bacolod is a masterplanned, mixed-use development nestled on a 30-ha terrain along the Circumferential Road.

This promising mixed-use development will thus place future residents and guests right at the heart of the city—just a few minutes from major thoroughfares including Lacson St., which conveniently brings them to the New Bacolod-Silay International Airport and even the Bacolod Government Center. Surrounding Rockwell Center Bacolod are key establishments, institutions and commercial centers offering services and activities for the locals.

A new city centerRockwell Center Bacolod will no doubt bring to life the vision of the developer to create a new city center replete with all the components that would set the benchmark for upscale living in the city—similar to what it did to its project in Makati.

Rising within Rockwell Center Bacolod are residential developments, a Power Plant Mall, retail concepts, premium grade offices and a business park for commercial spaces, academic institutions, and interactive open spaces that are poised to cater to the different emerging lifestyles in this Western Visayas city.

The business park here, in particular, is rising to become the next thriving central business hub of the province. Its 21 commercial lots, with sizes ranging from 1,381 sqm to 1,992 sqm, would allow investors to tap the opportunities offered by a business-friendly environment, a strategic location, and a fast-growing city.

Complementing this park are Rockwell’s offices, touting innovative systems, sophisticated designs, and conveniences that ensure a premium work style experience, and a professional school that can cater to those who strive for continuous learning.

Investors can thus build their own businesses within premium spaces lined with seven-meter wide linear parks, and create opportunities for Bacolodnons, who will thrive in a self-sustaining community where all components will complement one another. Here, future investors will benefit from a safe, sustainable community that has an orderly circulation system, practical, efficient and future-proof design, as well as green infrastructure.

Rockwell promiseDelivering the same promise seen in other Rockwell communities, Rockwell Center Bacolod is well-positioned to deliver excellence and great customer service.

The entire development has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that it is safe, secure, sustainable and eco-friendly. Lush open spaces and linear parks here will not only support the active lifestyles of the residents, but will also seamlessly integrate the commercial hub with Bacolod City’s natural beauty.

Its streets and driveways meanwhile are designed to ensure ease of flow. With roads up to 30 meters wide, Rockwell ensures minimal traffic congestion and safer driving conditions.

And as Rockwell places a premium on convenience, it has also planned to include a Power Plant Mall—the iconic establishment that first rose in Makati City. Bacolodnons will be treated to an unrivaled, premium shopping experience only seen thus far at the Power Plant Mall in Makati.

Enhanced lifestylesA presence at Rockwell Center Bacolod will no doubt allow its investors to capitalize on its robust business ecosystem while riding the wave of growth of Bacolod City. But besides the business prospects, Rockwell Center Bacolod is also opening up opportunities for the Negrenses to enjoy a lifestyle steeped in opulence and sophistication.

Rockwell is bringing its distinct mark of safety, exclusivity and quality through Bel-Air at Rockwell Center Bacolod—the only high-end residential community in the city that is located within a business district.

True to its goal of bringing the iconic Rockwell Center to the City of Bacolod, Bel-Air will soon become a highly coveted premium neighborhood where future residents will get to enjoy conveniences and accessibility, while basking in unparalleled quality, design and taste.

A total of 188 lots will be on offer, spread across a 9.6-ha expanse. Sizes of the lots will range from 280 sqm to 400 sqm, providing a spacious area for future residents to create their own enclaves upon turnover in 2026.

Ensuring healthy spaces for the residents, Bel-Air will have underground utilities, signature linear park, pocket parks and playgrounds, which offer points of convergence for the entire community, kids and adults alike. Here, they can enjoy the lush greenery, wide open spaces, and fresh air in the company of friends and loved ones.

A well-designed central amenity hub will meanwhile provide opportunities for residents to ensure their health and wellness as they will get to enjoy a swimming pool, function rooms, a roof deck and a gym. Residents will also have that unparalleled convenience of being close to the future Power Plant Mall in Bacolod.

There’s indeed a lot to delight and look forward to in Rockwell Center Bacolod, where premium residential lots, exciting retail destinations, and a business-friendly community await Negrenses.

Riding along the potential growth of the Visayas property market

The Visayas property market is brimming with potential for future growth. With business hubs already built in key provinces, a growing residential market and its potential to tap the tourism sector with its natural attractions, the region has the right ingredients for it to ride along the recovery of the economy.

Data from the PSA showed that the Visayas region’s economy rebounded in 2021 as its gross regional domestic product increased 5.7 percent in 2021 to P2.5 trillion from P2.395 trillion in the year before.

The major island group is set for even more growth in the future with upcoming and newly-opened infrastructure projects.

One of the recently opened infrastructure projects is the 8.9 kilometer Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), a modern expressway which connects mainland Cebu to Cordova town in Mactan Island.

Upon completion, it reduces travel time from Cebu City to Mactan–Cebu International Airport by approximately 40 minutes

Other big-ticket transport infrastructure developments in the region currently in the pipeline are the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit System and the Metro Cebu Expressway.

Apart from Cebu, Bacolod is also another key province seen to benefit from upcoming infrastructure projects particularly the Bacolod–Silay Airport Access Road widening and Bacolod Economic Highway.

As these Visayan provinces see the completion of more infrastructure projects, property values in the region are likely to rise due to the increased accessibility in the area.

Major developers expand to the Visayas

Seeing the potential of key Visayan provinces for growth, the country’s top property developers have already expanded their footprint to the region, giving opportunities for end-users as well as property investors to take advantage of the expected economic growth of the region.

One of these developers is Rockwell Land, who ventured into the Visayas region with projects in Cebu and Bacolod as it aims to expand its reach across the country and create properties that elevate one’s everyday living experience.

Visayas property 32 Sanson Sillion32 Sanson in Lahug, Cebu

The company made its foray into the Visayas market with 32 Sanson, an intimate garden community nestled in Lahug, Cebu City, which is near prominent neighborhoods and business centers.

Since it was first launched in 2013, the property has grown to house five mid-rise residential buildings: Buri, Raffia, Gmelina, Solihiya, and soon Sillion. It features lifestyle amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pools, well-ventilated gym, and jogging path complementing the scenic atmosphere of lush greenery that abounds within the community.

Given its strategic location, residents of 32 Sanson are offered the convenience of city-living as well as the tranquility of residing in the peaceful suburbs.

Banking on the tropical lifestyle

Hailed as one of Asia’s best island destinations, Mactan in Cebu has always been known for its beautiful beaches and has made it a popular for both domestic and international tourists. The island is likewise a growing economic hub, with rising business centers and developing infrastructures that make it easier to access.

Rockwell offers an exclusive opportunity to own a home in this urban paradise with Aruga Resort and Residences — Mactan, its first residential resort development. The project sets itself apart in this popular sailing and snorkelling site with an expansive 270-meter stretch of white beach exclusive to the property.

Apart from a range of one- to four-bedroom units, a limited number of private enclaves belong to The Villas at Aruga, which offer two-bedroom and three-bedroom villas. Each villa has its own pool deck and is justa few steps away from the beachfront, where one can relax and unwind in their luxurious tropical abode.

Creating quality communities in the City of Smiles

Rockwell Land has further expanded its presence in the Visayas with its foray into Bacolod City through Nara Residences, a sprawling community with mid-rise condominium units and residential lots.

Visayas property Nara Residences and LotsNara Residences in Bacolod City

The high-end condominium development located along GM Cordova Avenue features a diverse set of unit cuts and a selection of lifestyle amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness gym, multi-purpose court, and function room, and is set to be complemented by retail areas.

The community also presents the only pre-selling high-end lots with a Bacolod City address through Nara lots, which offers cuts ranging from 250 square meters to as big as 400 square meters that maintain the terrain’s natural smooth gradual slopes. Here one is offered  privacy and exclusivity with only a limited number of premium lots within the development.

Bringing the signature Rockwell Center to Bacolod

Bacolod’s property market has been growing in recent years, with more residential and office developments rising, as a result of the increased economic activity in the city. It is among the most progressive cities in the Visayan region, attracting various businesses to locate in the area, especially those in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. The city was even named among the centers of excellence of the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

Rockwell is expected to fuel even more growth in the city as it brings in its signature commercial center with the Rockwell Center Bacolod.

Visayas property BACOLOD PERSPECTIVERockwell Center Bacolod

The 30-hectare Rockwell Center Bacolod is double the size of Rockwell Center Makati and is set to be replete with residential, commercial, office, retail, and leisure components, which will epitomize the brand’s signature offerings and create a well-balanced lifestyle within its safe community.

Aligned with the strategic location offered by Rockwell Land developments, the Rockwell Center Bacolod, located along Circumferential Road, is accessible to major thoroughfares such as Lacson Street and Circumferential Road as well vital infrastructure projects like the Bacolod-Silay International Airport and the Bacolod Port. The commercial center is also in proximity to necessary establishments such as the Bacolod Government Center, hospitals, schools and even a number of major retail establishments.

Through Rockwell Center Bacolod, the brand is not just growing its presence in the region but also creating more opportunities for investors and job seekers through the next mixed-use business district in Western Visayas. The commercial center is looking to usher in more economic activity in the city and increase property values in the area, which bode well for investors and businesses.

To commence this flagship project, Rockwell Center Bacolod is offering 21 premium commercial lots ranging from 1500 to 2000 square meters at the Rockwell Business Park.

Only a limited number of lots are available, and each one is lined by seven-meter wide linear parks that likewise create interactive open spaces within the community. Opportunities to reside within the mixed-used development will also soon arise.

With its distinct quality and strategically located offerings in the Visayas region, it is expected that Rockwell Land’s projects in the Visayas will grow along with the development of the region.

For more information on Rockwell Land’s Visayan projects, please visit e-rockwell.com/rockwellinvisayas.